Cambridge Family Home

Promotional Featurette


Cambridge Family Home is an adult family home located in West Seattle, Washington. It is owned by Bruce and Karen Wagoner, who have been operating it since February of 2011. Because of turnover, death of residents, etc., there are times when there are vacancies, which make it financially harder for the Wagoners. They would like it if they had a waiting list of people who want to move into the home.


Cambridge Family Home has a negative review on which needs some countering.


A promotional featurette showing interviews with the care providers, the caregivers, the residents’ family members, and showing the beautiful facilities can help create a friendly, homey, loving presentation that can give the home an edge over other adult family homes.


Create a memorable promotional featurette that captures the loving spirit of Cambridge Family Home and presents it in a way that makes people feel comfortable leaving their elderly loved ones in the care of Cambridge Family Home.

Target Audience

People in their 40s through their 70s. People who are old enough to have parents that need special care. People who may even have siblings or spouses who need special care. Affluent people who can afford the high cost of care.


Happy, homey and friendly to counteract the depressing topic.

User Experience

The user will experience a feel-good video that makes them comfortable as well as curious about inquiring more.

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