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Background is a website owned by Wall Street Brokers, Inc., a family owned business which has been running since 1974. The company is in the business of buying seller financed real estate notes, but often, they buy divorce liens.

Situation was created in 1996 specifically to target this market, but the website has not been updated since. It is an ugly website made with HTML that uses tables. The website has been in need of a redesign for a long time.


Create a new website which is aesthetically pleasing as well as easy to understand for a potential divorce lien seller. Wall Street Brokers already has a strong domain name in, now it is time to make the website just as strong.

Target Audience

People in their 40s to 50s. People who are old enough to not only have been married and divorced, but to also have bought and owned a house long enough for there to be equity for the divorce lien to be worth anything. People who need money right away, or perhaps who would prefer to sever financial ties with their ex-spouses. Lawyers who may have clients to refer.


Built a responsive website because more people are using mobile devices to browse the Internet. Include a motion graphic video on the home page which explains how a divorce lien works and how it can be sold.


Bright, cheerful to counteract the depressing topic.

User Experience

The user will experience a happy, informative and easy to navigate website.

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